We are one

I believe in out colour blind

I believe in the spirit of reconciliation

The power that overcomes the dehumanising force of race

The power that breaks down boundaries set not only physically but also mentally

The resurrection of no colour or race no culture and language

And yes!

I believe in the victory of brotherhood, it is what makes us mankind

Born of a weeping womb

If spiders do not spin

Handcuffs to manacles them self

You are white so what

You are black so what

You are yellow so what

Oh yes!

Am preaching about the colour that l always get correct in my art class

Though l preach the sacred value of human life

If l sit on my brains and watch the oppression of colour then

I am but a hypocrite

I am but explaining the colour red to a blind man from birth

I am but not recognising that lam not an island

Our need for justice and human dignity is as dear as culture its self

If there are race slogans, they should fade away

Exploitive colour systems, they should crumble

For mankind cannot live by slogan alone

If there is world war three then let it be against colour recognition

Let me name them not by names for names have a language boundary

Names have a set of connotation that separates us from my brother

Let me name not by names

Those who have played their part in the heroic enactments of our revolution

From America, Asia, Europe and also Africa

Together we are one



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