The Debate – Ebola Man Made?

Yes it is man made ‘unleashing of a stealth biological microorganism that would ‘waste’ humanity.
This is another form of declaring war to the African countries by the western countries.
However again we Africans can not therefor blame our white brethren for not finding the cure for the out breaks alike Ebola & HIV . Most of our talented young people drain their energy in the (music industry ) everyone wants to be 50 cent thus why we don’t have black scientist in the laboratory .


The Debate - Ebola Man Made? The Debate – Ebola Man Made?

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A man before his time Alan Henning. Forgiveness or Vengeance

Is it going to be forgiveness or vengeance. A man before his time RIP Alan Henning.l have a dream that One day am going to have kids and I would love to see them going to Alan Henning school and crossing the Alan Henning street.

This is the most difficult time for Britain but what does this mean for Britain Will this incident ,going to provoke the British to loss their temper and seek blood revenge or noble justice.No offence but Wisdom and reasons does not work with Muslims while on the other hand blood will not be sufficient enough for Justice.

But how will this murder of a Good Samaritan man force Britain
to decide that Syria must be punished and plan to invade her. Will Britain call and invite her friends to help her in to play.