Dear faithful 

Flowers die,stories end,words fail,songs fade,memories are forgotten,promises are broken,but sins are forgiven…

Figments of our imaginations may have held us back,kept us behind,chasing old flames,haunted by ghosts of pleasures of past & promises that broke as quick as they were made.

Oh!what a great tragedy if it was just a travesty of a dream,what a great loss it would be; to finally lay the ghost to rest.Love lost,such a cost!

Believe you me,the faith in me sealed inside of you cascades out like a river putting together the image of our envisioned future together.

I erased distance,rolled back time,glimpsed at the idyllic moments we shared,back when we had the hand of time on the palms of our hands.oh! how magnificent we were;it was as if we were a jeweled coat-hanger.If smiles were dollars,we would’ve had millions…

I still see your face when I close my eyes;beautiful as the morning star twinkles to usher-in daylight.I still smell your breath when I gaze at your photo;fresh as the first scoop of a gently morning breeze.I still hear your voice when I reminisce about you;sweet as the morning birds sing to welcome a new day.I still recall your character,calm as the lull before the storm…

When its been all said & done, you’ve hang on every word I said,will I ever know how it feels to hold you close & have you tell me that every road I choose,you will go?In my heart of hearts I know I may never hold you again,but I choose to believe against hope…


Free writing production


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