Three types of Friends 

Everyone at some point in their life have meet people and have embraced them and made them friends , there are three types of friends that come into your life: 1) The Confidant; 2) The Constituent and 3) The Comrade.


is a friend that is into you. You can share anything with them. They are there for the long haul. They are there when you are up or down and if you get into trouble they’ll get into trouble with you. if you are lucky to intertwine with two or three of them within your life time you are blessed.

        The constituent 

They are not into you. They are there for what you are into so they will work with you and you’ll have to know that because if they meet someone that will further their agenda they will leave you.

The comrades 

They are not for you. They are against what you are against. They come into your life like scaffolding. They will team up with you to fight the enemy but do not be confused with those associations for they will remove themselves after the victory is accomplished.


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