What is the most important skill you need to grow your business?

If you are on a journey like me and You want to be successful, you’ll need many specialised business skills, but probably the most important one will surprise you

it’s the capacity to READ! Read ! read read Yes, READ!

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I’m sure you’ve heard the expression: “(Great) leaders are readers.”

You must have the capacity to read a lot, All the greatest leaders I’ve ever known from any walk of life, had this in common: they liked to read books, journals, and articles, newspapers and am not including ‘the Sun’ we know what’s it’s about page 3 ha! Ha! (Still valuable information that )

On one of my travels on the train , l travel a lot , l met someone who asked me a simple question:

“Where are your books?” He asked.

What? Excuse me?

“Where are your books, ”



“Ah, that is where you live, because, books are your most prized possession.”

You must BUY and own books. It must be a constant investment. You’re not a reader if you prefer only to borrow books. It means you’re not committed. If you have children, take them to bookshops. Buy or build them bookshelves. Encourage them to own and treasure books. Take them to libraries, galleries and museums… they’re generally free!

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Get in a habit of collecting books .This is the attitude you must build towards the ownership of books, If you think books are too expensive then you have not yet realized their value to you, and your family.”

Reading is by far and away the thing I do most in my day anyone who knows me will tell you Helen is a bookworm, l buy books more than l buy shoes ! That is a FACT!!!

I hate rituals, but if you must have a ritual, this is it: Read every day to understand, reflect upon and follow what’s going on around you that affects you and things happening far across the world can seriously affect you, too!

You can train yourself to expand your reading capacity quickly and easily:

1. Buy and read books.

2. Buy and read books.

Did I repeat myself?

Buy and read books!

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In closing, not long ago l was at the Royal Albert for the BBC prom Orchestra (La Damnation de fraust ) It was a remarkable musical production and worth all the rave reviews it’s getting. I only had one problem: it was performed in “French, for a long time, I didn’t understand a thing they were saying! But I could still follow the story very well, because I’d read the book on which it was based more than 5 years earlier. Have l had not read the book early l wouldn’t have enjoyed the performance

So you have to read books invest in books and knowledge

Be smart, be wise; buy and read books. If you’re planning to get to the top, one book a week should be your minimum target, get your FREE copy Now



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