How to increase your credit score in less than 65 Days

If you have a credit card with a £5,000 limit, and you only ever use the card to buy £50 of petrol and immediately pay it off, could you ask for an increase of your limit?

They would say no, because you’re not using it.

The smart investor knows that it’s better to have a high credit limit and not need it, than to need one and not have it. But how do you increase your limit if you tend not to use your credit card a lot?


High credit limits are a “use it or lose it” situation. If you want to get your credit limit to £50,000, then you need to be using close to that amount.

How do you currently pay for expenses like shopping or fuel? If you pay in cash, then switch to your credit card, and pay it off again.

You probably have a debit card, where the money comes directly out of your account. Remember that “debit card” is an anagram of “bad credit.” Using it does nothing to improve your credit score.


Using your credit card to pay for your personal expenses does not necessarily mean incurring interest and fees. If you have an interest-free period, then use your debit card to pay off your credit card debt within this period.

It’s exactly the same as using your debit card to pay, except you have one extra transaction, and it has an effect on your credit score.

The credit reference agencies will see that you’ve borrowed some money and paid it back. This is good, so your score will go up. If you only used your debit card, the credit reference agencies would see that you’re not using your line of credit, and you would struggle to increase your limit.

On the other hand, when you have a history of borrowing a lot of money and paying it back quickly, you are far more likely to get a yes when asking for a higher limit.

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