If heaven wasn’t so far away

Words will never be sufficient, you were all to me, once in a life time friend a very rare breed, am privilege to have met you. Am looking on my phone hopping that one day you will call me, l long for that one short text, ” hey you little bugger xxxx” alas no man can stop the clock of life.

your wise words will forever stay with me “less said soonest mended”

will always miss you image


What shall we say then !!!

Love doesn’t not hurt, love is not jelousy, love does not judge love cares

You say you love me but you hurt those that l love 

You say you want to make amend but you revenge with vengence

What shall we say then 

You are bitter because of your own strangles , you are bitter because your have failed in life you are bitter because the people of clour are standing up and fighting for success

Dear faithful 

Flowers die,stories end,words fail,songs fade,memories are forgotten,promises are broken,but sins are forgiven…

Figments of our imaginations may have held us back,kept us behind,chasing old flames,haunted by ghosts of pleasures of past & promises that broke as quick as they were made.

Oh!what a great tragedy if it was just a travesty of a dream,what a great loss it would be; to finally lay the ghost to rest.Love lost,such a cost!

Believe you me,the faith in me sealed inside of you cascades out like a river putting together the image of our envisioned future together.

I erased distance,rolled back time,glimpsed at the idyllic moments we shared,back when we had the hand of time on the palms of our hands.oh! how magnificent we were;it was as if we were a jeweled coat-hanger.If smiles were dollars,we would’ve had millions…

I still see your face when I close my eyes;beautiful as the morning star twinkles to usher-in daylight.I still smell your breath when I gaze at your photo;fresh as the first scoop of a gently morning breeze.I still hear your voice when I reminisce about you;sweet as the morning birds sing to welcome a new day.I still recall your character,calm as the lull before the storm…

When its been all said & done, you’ve hang on every word I said,will I ever know how it feels to hold you close & have you tell me that every road I choose,you will go?In my heart of hearts I know I may never hold you again,but I choose to believe against hope…


Free writing production


A spot of light far away
As the sun sinks you rise
You rise and shine for the hopeless

You hang on the sky
With tiny stars twinkling at your side
Shining all night long
The sun comes by day
You come by night
Your presence gives peace to young and old
Let man do with ease

Helen m sibanda
HMS free-writing



The Debate – Ebola Man Made?

Yes it is man made ‘unleashing of a stealth biological microorganism that would ‘waste’ humanity.
This is another form of declaring war to the African countries by the western countries.
However again we Africans can not therefor blame our white brethren for not finding the cure for the out breaks alike Ebola & HIV . Most of our talented young people drain their energy in the (music industry ) everyone wants to be 50 cent thus why we don’t have black scientist in the laboratory .


The Debate - Ebola Man Made? The Debate – Ebola Man Made?

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A man before his time Alan Henning. Forgiveness or Vengeance

Is it going to be forgiveness or vengeance. A man before his time RIP Alan Henning.l have a dream that One day am going to have kids and I would love to see them going to Alan Henning school and crossing the Alan Henning street.

This is the most difficult time for Britain but what does this mean for Britain Will this incident ,going to provoke the British to loss their temper and seek blood revenge or noble justice.No offence but Wisdom and reasons does not work with Muslims while on the other hand blood will not be sufficient enough for Justice.

But how will this murder of a Good Samaritan man force Britain
to decide that Syria must be punished and plan to invade her. Will Britain call and invite her friends to help her in to play.


We are one

I believe in out colour blind

I believe in the spirit of reconciliation

The power that overcomes the dehumanising force of race

The power that breaks down boundaries set not only physically but also mentally

The resurrection of no colour or race no culture and language

And yes!

I believe in the victory of brotherhood, it is what makes us mankind

Born of a weeping womb

If spiders do not spin

Handcuffs to manacles them self

You are white so what

You are black so what

You are yellow so what

Oh yes!

Am preaching about the colour that l always get correct in my art class

Though l preach the sacred value of human life

If l sit on my brains and watch the oppression of colour then

I am but a hypocrite

I am but explaining the colour red to a blind man from birth

I am but not recognising that lam not an island

Our need for justice and human dignity is as dear as culture its self

If there are race slogans, they should fade away

Exploitive colour systems, they should crumble

For mankind cannot live by slogan alone

If there is world war three then let it be against colour recognition

Let me name them not by names for names have a language boundary

Names have a set of connotation that separates us from my brother

Let me name not by names

Those who have played their part in the heroic enactments of our revolution

From America, Asia, Europe and also Africa

Together we are one